Easter loneliness.

Easter Loneliness

Before I was rescued by a social worker and taken into care in 1986, I remember dreading Easter.

Firstly, it meant I’d go hungry for four days, due to no free school dinners and my parents’ wilful neglect.

Secondly, I was never given an Easter egg, and would feel isolated, unloved and envious as I imagined my class mates getting theirs.

Then, upon return to school, as my friends all asked one another, ‘how many Easter eggs did you get?’, I’d cringe as I made up lies to fit in with everyone else.

This Easter may be the first your foster son or daughter has received a chocolate egg. For kids in care, the ordinary is often extraordinary.

Happy Easter everyone.

Sean Parry is a time-served, multi-award winning recruitment marketer. He has worked among all sectors, private and commercial, public, health, police, fire and rescue, third sector, and local authorities. Over 20 years, Sean’s affinity with the cause of looked-after children and young people drew him to work ever more closely with children’s services.

Initially this included large scale social work recruitment exercises, later leading towards fostering and adoption attraction and recruitment marketing strategies. Full details of his career, and the core carer recruitment support service that Sean now provides on a retained consultancy basis to fostering agencies can be found on his LinkedIn page.

If your fostering agency is looking for specialist support to recruit new foster carers, please get in touch on 07977 712712 or by email for an exploratory, no-obligation discussion. This will be followed up with a summary of your support needs, along with full details of how he can help, anticipated outcomes, and hourly rates. Testimonials of Sean’s work from former fostering agency clients are also published on this website.

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