Do Fostering Launches National Campaign to Recruit Foster Carers.

When children and young people come into care, it’s never for a happy reason. They may have experienced neglect, or abuse, and all will be experiencing the emotional pain of abandonment, along with fear about what kind of future awaits them.

Fostering brings immeasurable rewards.

Sadly, these experiences are not uncommon. Right now, some 65,000 kids and young people are living with around 55,000 foster families across the UK. Thankfully, they are cared for by people who have opened their hearts, homes, and lives, to support local, vulnerable children, and help them make sense of their past, and build confidence in their future.

Nine thousand children need us.

Foster carers offer a generosity of spirit that is almost incomparable within British society. But they are unable to foster forever. Our country desperately needs more people, who can offer a spare bedroom, to children in need. Over 9,000 children are waiting for a safe, secure, and loving home.

Fostering is teamwork.

You’ll receive comprehensive and insightful training, 24-hour support, your own qualified mentor, and financial support for each child in your care (depending on their age) of up to at least £11,232 per year in London, £10,816 in the South East, and £9,620 across the UK (Source: GOV.UK). You may also receive an additional fee, plus extra payments for holidays, birthdays and Christmas, and other needs of the child.

You can foster, too.

Married, in a civil partnership, cohabiting or single; straight or gay; a homeowner or renting; aged 25 or over 60; working or receiving benefits; and from whatever cultural background you may be, foster carers are welcomed from all walks of life – because children waiting for a loving home do too!

You can help kids to heal, and thrive.

I know what early life abuse feels like. It really hurts. I foraged and stole food to survive. Locked in a room, I had a bucket for a toilet. It was never emptied. I had no self-esteem and felt undeserving of love. Being rescued from the pain, misery, and relentless despair of life with adults who starved and tortured me, and then being fostered by a new family who I felt actually liked me felt better than winning the lottery.

All children deserve love.

Thirty years later, I no longer use my foster-mum’s first name. She’s my Mum. My foster-brothers are my brothers. My late foster-dad is my Dad, and in a nod of respect to him and my family’s acceptance, I’ve taken their family name. I’m part of a family that sees me as one of their own, and I believe all children should be given this opportunity.

Could you foster?

You may not be sure. But if you’re willing to give it some consideration, please use our easy search bar to quickly discover your local fostering agencies, compare their training, support and benefits, and see which fostering information events are taking place in your area.

Thanks to two years’ honest feedback from our page followers on Facebook, this site provides straightforward guidance about what’s involved in fostering and your assessment, all presented in an easy, familiar format to help you decide the best choice for you and your household.

9,000 children are waiting.

In our country of millions, I believe we can step up to the plate.

Let’s do it!

Sean Parry from Do FosteringSean Parry is a time-served, multi-award winning recruitment marketer. He has worked among all sectors, private and commercial, public, health, police, fire and rescue, third sector, and local authorities.

Over 20 years, Sean’s affinity with the cause of looked-after children and young people drew him to work ever more closely with children’s services. Initially this included large scale social work recruitment exercises, later leading towards fostering and adoption attraction and recruitment marketing strategies. Full details of his career, and the core carer recruitment support service that Sean now provides on a retained consultancy basis to fostering agencies can be found on his LinkedIn page.

If your fostering agency is looking for specialist support to recruit new foster carers, please get in touch on 07977 712 712 or by email for an exploratory, no-obligation discussion. This will be followed up with a summary of your support needs, along with full details of how he can help, anticipated outcomes, and hourly rates. Testimonials of Sean’s work from former fostering agency clients are also published on this website.

Don’t forget to join us at Do Fostering on Facebook, now the country’s most popular fostering page, achieved in just two and a half years by Sean alone with an exceptionally limited budget – testament that effective, results-producing marketing had less to do with budget and more to do with developing a plan that works… and sticking to it!

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