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Dear colleagues

Meet the Brand New National Directory with a Clear Mission: A full year in the making, is a uniquely comprehensive UK search resource that offers local authority and independent fostering agencies an opportunity to acquire more foster carers.

Do Fostering mission statement

A full year in the making, is a uniquely comprehensive UK search resource that offers local authority and independent fostering agencies an unequalled way to effectively reach your target audience of prospective foster carers – with none of the wasted reach of newspapers or the sky-high cost of search engine pay-per-click advertising.

We are Sean Parry, a multi award-winning marketing specialist with over 15 years’ experience in foster carer recruitment, and Duncan Bradford, an industry-leading digital agency director with over 20 years’ experience developing websites and marketing them online:

Do Fostering marketing examples for clients

After several years’ successfully recruiting carers for fostering agencies all around the UK, in early 2014, Sean founded a specialist foster carer recruitment support service, called Do Fostering Ltd.

To demonstrate to fostering agencies truly effective use of Facebook as a recruitment tool, Sean built a page aimed directly at prospective foster carers. Just two and a half years later, it is now the most popular fostering page in the UK. This makes clear how success in foster carer recruitment is to be achieved through dedicated effort and specialist marketing know-how, rather than needing a huge budget!

Feedback from our huge audience of well over 12,500 followers on Facebook shows that people considering a new career in fostering are overwhelmed by choice. Prospective foster carers tell us they struggle to compare the differences and benefits offered by local authority and independent fostering agencies.

To resolve this ongoing issue, we developed to be the most informative, user-friendly, and expertly marketed fostering agency directory in the UK.

Ensure You Capture Fostering Enquiries

For prospective foster carers, brings order to chaos. The simple home page postcode search bar enables applicants to find all local fostering agencies and your recruitment events in seconds. also enables prospective foster carers to search by fostering agency name, by region, or our easy-to-use map search feature.

How Does This Work?

Pay-per-click advertising is too expensive for many fostering agencies. That’s why we’re using our digital marketing expertise to signpost thousands of prospective foster carers from Google and our leading Facebook page, directly here, to

Here, prospective foster carers will find your fostering agency more quickly and easily than scrolling through pages of Google search results… and who looks further than page one?

Our expertise in online marketing to foster carers, and our investment in pay-per-click advertising of means that fostering agencies of any size can reduce their own social media advertising spend.

Every local authority fostering service and independent fostering provider in Scotland, England, and Wales will automatically receive a free basic agency listing on for each office you have. This includes your fostering agency’s name and logo, your address, email and recruitment phone number, and a link to your website or Facebook page.

Included is a choice of 15 postcode areas that you cover, or would like to target. This listing is free to fostering agencies, but there is a cost to for PPC advertising spend to raise awareness of fostering across the UK. As such, we ask that you renew your free listing on a monthly basis to ensure it is being actively used as part of your carer recruitment strategy.

Unique. Innovative. Effective. provides your fostering agency with a powerful, precision-targeted carer recruitment tool to significantly enhance your existing strategy. With an increase in initial enquiries and approvals for high-quality applicants, you can demonstrate your achievement across the board, and increased placement sufficiency as part of your Ofsted inspection.

Across England, Scotland and Wales, placement choice will widen for children and young people who need well-matched fostering families, improving placement stability, emotional wellbeing, and long-term outcomes.

How many initial enquiries do you receive each year from newspapers, radio, posters, ‘luck-dependent’ recruitment events and social media? Would you like more value for money from your carer recruitment budget? Part of the solution is to increase your enquiries. More than that, improving the quality of enquiries will improve your enquiry-to-panel approval ratio.

On average, fostering agencies achieve an approval-to-panel conversion rate of 4-10%. The lower the percentage, the higher your cost per approved carer. My consultancy work with 20 local authorities and independent fostering providers indicates an average cost of £5,000 per approved foster carer.

Currently there are 15,000 children in care in Scotland, 5,600 in Wales, and 69,000 children in care in England. We all share a common goal in reducing the same ‘shortfall’ of 9,000 or so fostering families, announced year after year.

With direct feedback from prospective foster carers and fostering agencies, has been designed from the ground up to change this. That’s why our mission was placed at the top of this section. It underlines our absolute commitment to supporting all fostering agencies to collectively achieve Full National Care Placement Sufficiency.

Our motto is: ‘Everybody counts.’ That’s us, all fostering agencies, other professionals within our sector, and yes, the general public, too (see blog post). So, every year we’ll share with you how our collaboration has increased the number of fostering households, and improved placement choice.

We know how to reach those you would like to recruit, assess, and approve as foster carers. Our sole purpose is to catch their attention, and signpost them directly to you. With our solid track record of successfully recruiting foster carers you can have confidence in our expertise.

Fostering agencies share the results we deliver

“Sean was able to achieve more in five hours than we had been able to do in five months. His approach to recruitment made us completely change our carer recruitment strategy and approach. I can’t praise his work enough.” Richard Norwood, Director, Greater London Fostering (2016)

“Sean transformed the profile of my organisation as an employer of social workers and foster carers. He listened carefully to what we wanted to achieve. His research was diligent, involving stakeholders meaningfully and effectively. He possesses the core values of public service. He has very high standards and our approach was nominated for a national award. More important than that it has done the trick!” Jack Cordery, as Assistant Director Children’s Services, Wandsworth Council (2011)

“I met Sean at the Department for Education and his expertise was clear. Sean was top of my list of professionals to contact in my new role because I wanted someone who could make an impact. Sean helped us develop our recruitment and social media strategies in a very tight timescale. As a result, we are already handling more initial enquiries, enabling us to support local authorities by offering placement matches of high quality.” Satwinder Sandhu, Registered Manager & Director of Operations, The Homefinding & Fostering Agency (2015)

Recruit More Carers. For Less.

You can maximise your carer recruitment activity through and capture more high quality enquiries for much less spend than other recruitment activity. Our unique experience and knowledge of the fostering profession, matched with cutting-edge digital marketing expertise, and our signposting to our ready-and-waiting Facebook page of 11,900 followers, means we have launched with maximum impact.

Boost your online profile with an affordably priced Featured Agency Recruitment Package and you’ll benefit from a powerful, attention-grabbing position with this unbeatable marketing opportunity…

  • Promote the benefits of joining your fostering agency to new or transferring foster carers with a 500-word description.
  • Add visual impact with five appealing pictures displayed in a gallery, refreshed every 3 months.
  • Reassure prospective foster carers with three persuasive recommendations from your approved carers describing your training, support and fostering career development.
  • Harness the pulling power of a compelling video clip provided by you, refreshed every 3 months.
  • Encourage prospective foster carers to get in touch with a web button linked directly to your own online enquiry page.
  • Widen your reach with ‘share’ buttons to your own Facebook page, Twitter account, or Google+
  • Help prospective foster carers find out more with a prominent ‘View Details’ button plus three extra links to your website, YouTube page, or elsewhere.
  • Rise up the search results with a Featured Agency Listing for your postcode areas.
  • Stand out as a Featured Agency on our UK map search.
  • Target up to 11,900 prospective foster carers with a peak-time advert on our sector-leading Facebook page.
  • Advertise your recruitment events directly on with no need for prospective foster carers to click away, which causes audience loss.
  • Express your agency’s personality and values to prospective foster carers with a 500-word blog on; also promoted on Facebook to reach our information-seeking audience.
  • Rated Outstanding by Ofsted? We’ll be sure to include the logo on your featured agency listing and agency webpage, and logos for your other accreditations, too.

Fair. Transparent. Affordable.

To enable all fostering agencies to benefit from increased initial enquiries, we made sure that your Featured Agency Recruitment Package is affordably priced (and market tested this with fostering agencies to ensure it too!)

But as we are not a fostering agency (and never will be), achieving Full National Care Placement Sufficiency means collaboration.

We don’t harvest personal details to share with large groups of fostering agencies. We feel this approach is impersonal and inappropriate for fostering; the most personal of careers. We are entirely focused on directing prospective carers straight to you, so you keep sole control of personal data; where it belongs.

Our rate card provides a level playing field for agencies small, medium and large. The fairest way to do that is to base your Featured Agency Recruitment Package price upon the number of approved foster carers in your agency:

At just £25 exc. VAT per approved fostering household, we’ll provide you with an accurate quote based upon the exact number of approved foster carers registered with your fostering service, and based upon the length of time you would like your featured package to run for.

You can dip your toe in the water with a 1, 2, or 3-month package, or you can benefit from bigger savings by booking a longer-term package of 6 or 12 months.

All Featured Agency Recruitment Packages also benefit from a larger selection of postcode areas to ensure your agency is seen by prospective foster carers in every location that you cover – and even some areas in which you’d like to ‘test the water’. And if you’d like more postcodes than is offered by your package entitlement, there’s a modest cost of just £2.00 per postcode per month.

Your Next Steps

1: To ensure the accuracy of your listing on so that your agency is seen by prospective foster carers for all areas you serve, please go to the home page of this website, and tap in the postcode for one of your office locations.

If this is your first contact from us, then your agency is likely to only appear in the one postcode area in which your office is based. With 15 postcodes per free agency listing, and hundreds more for Featured Agency Recruitment Packages, it makes sense to ensure you appear in search results as widely as possible to increase your number of initial enquiries.

2: There is no deadline for you to send, or for us to receive your information, but you will need to request a booking form from us by email at to complete and return to us.

3: When we receive your booking form, we’ll contact you to confirm receipt and then aim to populate with all of your accurate geographical data and other important details within 5-10 working days.

We look forward to working with you and hearing feedback about the good results!

Sean Parry, Founder & Director
27 Old Gloucester Street, London WC1N 3AX
07977 712712

Duncan Bradford, Technical Director
Unit 1E King Edward Court, Nottingham NG1 1EW is part of Do Fostering Ltd
Registered in England and Wales with company number 9000777
Registered office 66 Outram Street, Notts NG17 4FS