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Childhood First launches innovative new fostering service

To close a gap in the growing demand for specialist care for psychologically traumatised children in local authority care, the charity Childhood First this month launched its’ new integrated therapeutic fostering service. Integrated Therapeutic Fostering (iTF) specialises in treatment to promote the recovery of children and young people who present severe emotional and behavioural problems… Read more »

Why We Are Proud to Support Fostering.

Synergy Fostering - Why we are proud to support fostering

During Foster Care Fortnight, we celebrated the value that foster care brings to our society. There are many different groups of people who come together to achieve great outcomes for children in fostering who are rightly proud of their work. The difficult task of helping foster children come to terms with their circumstances and participate… Read more »

9,000 kids. Just one foster family each.

9,000 kids need loving foster homes. It only takes one for each youngster. In 1988, I was among them. Thirty years later, my Mum (formerly my foster mum) is one of my best friends. In honour of the love they, and my brothers gave me, as well as a nod of respect to my late… Read more »

Happy St. Patrick’s Day!

Happy St. Patrick’s Day from Do Fostering

Meet Pádraig. He’s just discovered our unique, precision-targeted foster carer recruitment tool – with none of the wasted reach of newspapers or the sky-high cost of pay-per-click advertising. The patron saint of fostering agencies? Maybe not, but before you sink a Guinness (or five), check your agency’s listing and share in Paddy’s epiphany.

We Are (Fostering) Family.

We are (Fostering) Family - Sister Sledge

At Do Fostering, we know that family means so much more than a ‘birth right’. Our founder, Sean Parry, grew up in foster care. Sean joined the last of five foster families as a young teenager in 1988. He feels sure that and our sister page on Facebook surely exist because of his early… Read more »

Remembering Daniel Pelka.

Remembering Daniel Pelka - murdered

The murder of Daniel Pelka occurred five years ago today, on 3rd March 2012 in Coventry. Daniel, aged 4, died of a head injury, but as we now know, that was but the final blow in a life that was drawn to a callous and vicious end by the very adults in his life who… Read more »

The Silence That Enables Abuse.

Michael Luther King quote

It’s 30 years since I entered care. Since then, I’ve been a fully involved uncle to my nephew and niece, and to quite a few foster kids and teens too! They’re young adults themselves now, and I feel as a family we can be reasonably confident we’ve done a good job of raising our family,… Read more »

Why Does Fostering Require a Spare Bedroom?

Over the past couple of years, I have been asked many times, and listened to a great deal of understandable frustration and criticism expressed on our Facebook page for Do Fostering, about the mandatory requirement to provide a spare bedroom at the time of applying for an assessment to become a foster carer. Before I became… Read more »

Do Fostering Launches National Campaign to Recruit Foster Carers.

When children and young people come into care, it’s never for a happy reason. They may have experienced neglect, or abuse, and all will be experiencing the emotional pain of abandonment, along with fear about what kind of future awaits them. Fostering brings immeasurable rewards. Sadly, these experiences are not uncommon. Right now, some 65,000… Read more »

Don’t judge me by my past. I don’t live there any more.

Foster children who were abused before

The thoughtful reaction by Local Fostering Sussex to a post on our Facebook page has prompted this latest blog post. Coming up in my book, to be published when I can make time to get on with the manuscript, will be a depth of analysis that studies the question, and answers, of a modern-day taboo… Read more »

Kids need validation. There’s no better feeling than providing it.

Kids need validation

Yesterday, I visited my sister in the East Midlands, and her huge brood of kids. There was my nephew and niece, both teenagers, who have ‘fostered’ all of their lives. Two step children who came along with my brother in law weren’t home this time, but three younger kids, who have been fostered for almost… Read more »

We can achieve happy, ethnically-matched adoptions. But it’ll cost us.

We Can Achieve Happy, Ethnically-Matched Adoptions.

As reported last week in Community Care, the government says that adopting more children from care will save £310m. So what’s new? Back in 2012, when working within a London local authority as recruitment and marketing manager for fostering and adoption, I always knew that the forcible, unilateral push for increased adoptions of children in… Read more »

What does the election result mean for foster care?

Foster Care in UK after Brexit Result

This week delivered a general election result that almost none of us thought possible. Not the pollsters. Nor the politicians. Not even us ‘hard working people’ from ‘up and down this country’ that mustered any enthusiasm to discuss the election. Perhaps my observation was like yours—universal apathy. The news of a Conservative majority government is… Read more »

Stop pinching other agencies’ foster carers.

Stop Pinching other Agencies Foster Carers

This week I had the pleasure of training colleagues from across the independent fostering sector. Held in Battersea, southwest London, this was the first of four one-day sessions. I was deeply impressed by the commitment, professional analysis and creative ideas which were shared during our course. These contributed much to an enthusiastic and meaningful discussion…. Read more »

The ‘right’ to sex-selective abortion

I rarely debate against personal freedoms, but here’s an article, in The Guardian, which is pushing me in that direction. It argues that a woman should be free to terminate a pregnancy if it doesn’t match her preference for either a girl or a boy. It’s one of those arguments that seek to present all… Read more »

Stop molly-coddling kids in care. We don’t need it

Treat Foster Children Equally

Reading an article in The Voice (18 August 2015), I agree somewhat with the notion of apprenticeships being reserved for care leavers, because without natural parental support and nepotism (think family firms), young people can be disadvantaged. But, as a care experienced adult myself, my personal experience does not match Barnardo’s chief executive Javed Khan’s… Read more »

Rolf Harris guilty of indecent assaults

Rolf Harris Guilty of indecent assaults

So this week the veteran entertainer Rolf Harris was found guilty of 12 counts of indecently assaulting four girls in the 1960s, 1970s and 1980s. One of the victims was a childhood friend of his daughter, another was an autograph hunter aged seven or eight. Prosecutors said Harris was a ‘Jekyll and Hyde’ character who… Read more »

Social workers need not leave local authorities

Professional Fostering Requires Deep Personal Insight

Some of you will know that I am ‘care experienced’, having grown up in children’s homes and foster homes in the eighties in Nottinghamshire. I certainly feel my life experience brings benefits to my work, but I also recognise that it is far from unique. There are currently around 70,000 children in care and I… Read more »

Major study reveals true scale of abuse of children in care.

Major Study Reveals True Scale of Abuse of Children in Care

Hot on the heels of the missing child abuse files which possibly incriminate senior Government figures from recent decades and with today’s Government falling over itself to ‘reassure’ the public that it will launch an ‘inquiry’ into the scandal, in today’s Independent, we now learn that: One in every hundred children living in care is… Read more »

I say no to transracial adoption.

A few years ago, when I started helping local authorities to recruit foster carers, I was surprised to see how many applicants were of black African or black Caribbean origin in comparison to the racial composition of the local population. An attraction campaign I produced for a southwest London borough provides a stark example of… Read more »

How to recruit more adopters and foster carers.

How to Recruit More Adopters and Foster Carers

The Guardian recently published a piece about fostering and adoption recruitment, submitted by a management consulting firm which supports public services. It captured my interest because I have worked with and within local authorities to help them to recruit foster carers and support their family finding activity, and with a marketing career of almost 20… Read more »

How To (Really) Recruit Foster Carers.

How to Really Recruit Fosters Carers

The Guardian some time ago published a piece about fostering recruitment submitted by a management consulting firm. It captured my attention because for several years I have worked with local authorities and independent fostering agencies to help them to recruit foster carers. The article highlights that the successful attraction and recruitment (and retention, in my… Read more »

Easter loneliness.

Easter Loneliness

Before I was rescued by a social worker and taken into care in 1986, I remember dreading Easter. Firstly, it meant I’d go hungry for four days, due to no free school dinners and my parents’ wilful neglect. Secondly, I was never given an Easter egg, and would feel isolated, unloved and envious as I… Read more »

But for the kindness of strangers.

But for the kindness of strangers

One of the most dominant aspects of my life as a neglected and abused little boy was the relentlessly gnawing hunger that I carried inside of me everywhere I went. My father and stepmother locked me in a small bedroom at almost all times, except to go to school, where I’d feel a hopeful stab… Read more »