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Synergy Fostering

Address: 47 St Olav’s Court, 25 Lower Road, Rotherhithe, Greater London SE16 2XB U.K.

Tel: 020 3713 7293

We have been with Synergy Fostering for 15 years now. Thanks to the Synergy team for their encouragement over the years. After taking care of over 50 children we know that each one brings different questions and needs. The training is valuable and the support is always there when we need it.

Salma and Afnan A, foster carer

Synergy Fostering has enabled me to give a young person a safe and caring environment where they can thrive and reach their full potential. After more than 10 years I know that the people here really care about what they do and helping us to be the best carers we can be.

Greg C, foster carer

Seeing the growth and positive outcomes of the young people who have becomemembers of our family have reinforced the fact that we made the right decision to foster with Synergy. Every child deserves a loving environment and we are proud to be able to help give some of them that.

Darren & Shola M, foster carer

I choose to foster with Synergy because I am confident that I am born to help children and they have the same ambitions. Providing a home in which children can grow feeling happy and safe having the feeling of belonging and where they can be what they want to and one day become a confident person.

Nabila R, foster carer


We Help Foster Carers Help Young People To Fulfil Their Potential.

Synergy Fostering is here for you. We understand that making the decision to foster takes time. At your pace we can enable you and your family to give outstanding foster care to children. Right from your first contact with us, we are there to help you learn more about fostering in a friendly and positive way. We will work at your pace to help you to build your experiences in a positive and enabling environment that our organisation is known for.


You will be fostering with an organisation that has a heart. We are a community of people who care for children and families but more notably we also care for each other. Fostering is not always easy and our carers tell us, it’s how we support them through difficult times that makes us different.


With us its personal! We are passionate about turning difficult situations into learning opportunities. Our specialist training and around the clock support focus on building your self-confidence helping you feel capable and enabling you to take actions that support nurturing, stable and safe care for children.


Taking your first steps in fostering can be scary; you need people who you can trust, feel safe with and who can support you throughout your journey to becoming a foster carer. Our staff team are all selected for their pragmatism, openness and sensitivity (and their sense of humour believe it or not!).


Join a community of people who care about you. Everyone at Synergy Fostering understands the value of each other and that the more we understand ourselves the better care we can offer to foster children and our own families.

Free Training

We are so passionate about fostering that we offer a free 3 day taster workshop to help you decide about whether fostering is for you. We know that becoming a foster family is an important decision so we ensure that you have all the information you need before you start fostering. Our friendly staff are available to talk to you throughout the process and to answer any questions you may have along the way.

After the training you will have the opportunity to meet with a foster family in their home and talk to them about their experience of fostering and get some advice from people who have been fostering for some time.


Within our enabling and positive environment, we also strive for outstanding results. We continually look for ways to improve the lives of the children in our care and encourage everyone in our organisation to strive for outstanding results.

Our focus is achieving positive outcomes for children; enabling their achievements and reinforcing the positive feedback of being looked after by our foster carers. is what we are all here for.

Our Ambition is Helping Foster Carers to Help Young People to Reach Their Full Potential Together. Call us to find out more.

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