We Are (Fostering) Family.

We are (Fostering) Family - Sister Sledge

At Do Fostering, we know that family means so much more than a ‘birth right’. Our founder, Sean Parry, grew up in foster care. Sean joined the last of five foster families as a young teenager in 1988.

He feels sure that DoFostering.com and our sister page on Facebook surely exist because of his early life experiences. Today, 30 years later, after starting his journey out of suffering the full spectrum of child abuse, Sean picked up the phone to Childline, only just then launched by Esther Rantzen.

Our technical director, Duncan Bradford, is currently working on a series of vocational learning packages, some aimed at offering young people on the edge of care the opportunity to learn the real skills required by today’s employers, so that together, we can make a real contribution towards the ability of young people to become fully self-supporting, productive, and proud members of British society.

Within just 10 weeks, DoFostering.com, aimed at connecting prospective foster carers with local fostering agencies and achieving full national care placement sufficiency, has attracted over 8,000 unique visitors, and has generated three brand new fostering enquiries for our client, Nottinghamshire County Council. Added to this, our Facebook page is now the most popular in the UK with 12,600+ followers and counting.

Could you foster?

You may not be sure. But if you’re willing to give it some consideration, just visit our brand new national directory of all fostering agencies where you’ll find our straightforward guidance about what’s involved in fostering and your assessment.

Use our easy search bar to quickly discover your local fostering agencies, compare their training, support and benefits, and see which fostering information events are taking place in your area. It’s presented in an easy, familiar format to help you decide the best choice for you and your household.

There are 9,000 children waiting. In our country of millions, I believe we can step up to the plate. In the words of Joni Sledge (and her sisters!)…

We Are Family!

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